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freshly farmed tomatoes and other vegetables
A Chef’s First Choice for Locally Grown Specialty Produce

A Chef’s First Choice for Locally Grown Specialty Produce

Get the freshest ingredients for your restaurant dishes here at Scottsdale Specialty. Our company is built to supply creative culinarians with specialty food products that they can easily purchase when they need them. All farm produce we sell is locally grown, so you can rest easy knowing that they are fresh and safe.

About Us

Our Executive team has a combined experience of more than 50 years working in all areas of food service and produce distribution industry, from farming, purchasing and safely storing and distributing food products. Our food safety team is up to date with all the newest food safety rules and regulations and keeps consistent with education and training seminars and certifications.

freshly farmed tomatoes and other vegetables

Produce Menu

Produce Menu

Specialty Products

  • Italian White Alba Truffles
  • Fresh Black Garlic
  • Meaty Lobster Mushroom
  • Padron Peppers With Stem
  • Champagne Grapes - Caped

Cheese Products

  • Creamy Italian Burrata
  • Authentic Indian Paneer
  • Authentic Mexican Asadero
  • Authentic Danish Blue Smokey
  • Authentic Spanish Iberico

Local Farms

  • Blue Sky Organic Farms
    • Purple Kohlrabi
    • Cheddar Cauliflower
  • Pinnacle Farms
    • Maktoom Dates
    • Red Shishito Peppers
  • Danzeisen Dairy
    • Local Milk Products

Our Guarantee

We aim to eliminate your hassles and concerns by offering only the finest customer service. From the time you ordered to its delivery, we will be there to update you and provide the support you need.

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